About Us

Gloves up, we’re about to drop some knowledge...

Group fitness should be about YOU, as an individual.

We’ll never ask you to conform to a class culture, or a regimen that doesn’t work for you.

Instead, we’ll give it to you straight:
10 rounds of fire that you can make as challenging—or as easy—as you like.

Rumble is here for the real people, who put in work, and want to look good and have some fun…whether you are searching for lean legs, toned abs, or to find your confidence.

Rumble is founded by four entrepreneurs who saw an opening in the group fitness world to shake up stale norms. From their unique backgrounds—hospitality, service, and fitness education—and their shared urban-chic-meets-street POV, comes Rumble—the next generation of group fitness. One that doesn’t take itself too seriously, but still delivers an incredible workout.

Rumble is...

Noah Neiman

Former Barry’s Bootcamp Master Trainer, cast member of BRAVO’s Work Out New York

Eugene Remm

Co-Founder EMM Group—Catch, Lexington Brass, Tenjune, SL

Andy Stenzler

Co-Founder Cosí and Kidville

Anthony DiMarco

13-time IRONMAN and former Managing Director, Google

NYC’s Finest Trainers.