Noah Neiman Explains Sitting Too Much Can Affect Your Sex, Health and Brainpower

October 06, 2016

Noah Neiman, Co-Founder of Rumble Boxing, explains sitting too much in the day can influence sex drive and can lower stamina and libido. Obviously, that's never fun, and your partner might not be too thrilled, either. Move more in the day to move more in the sheets later.

Neiman says that sitting too much can weaken the immune system, which might make us have more "sick days" to call in at the office. A lower immune system makes our bodies more susceptible to germs and illness, Neiman explains, so it's important to add movement in the day to keep our wellness high.

Neiman says that sitting too much not only affects our physical body due to lack of movement and weakened muscles, but also our minds, as it can create a "weakened cognitive function" that can lower productivity and work performance and make us have more instances of brain fog and inadequate memory and mental functioning.

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